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iMixer is a Discord/Twitter community of over 600  Mixer streamers, founded in July 2018. 

As one of the fastest growing  Mixer communities for connecting and supporting content creators of all  sizes - we work with our streamers to educate them on a variety of  stream-centric topics, help organically expand their growth, develop and  hone in on their community building, assist them with networking  opportunities -- guiding them to build healthy sponsor relationships,  relationships with game developers, and more -- all in a safe, equal,  and judgement-free community space.

The past few months we have  been expanding our industry presence in the Discord, connection with  game developers and community managers. We have a designated set of  channels for our industry professionals to post in that allows them to  reach out to our members with any updates on their products and  information on how to connect with them if they're interested.


Featured Community Members

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