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  • Mixer Channel: its_Henley
  • 📧
  • Mixer Partner
  • DLive Partner
  • Discord Partner
  • Twitch Affiliate
  • Full Time Streamer
  • 6 Years Streaming
  • 3 Years Community Management
  • 3 Years Stream Team Lead
  • Convention Travel

All Time Favorite Game: Final Fantasy XI

Content Lead


All Time Favorite Game: N/A 

Events Lead


  • Mixer Channel: MysticMike
  • 📧  
  • Mixer Partner
  • Full Time Streamer
  • 1 Year Streaming
  • Podcast Host
  • Charity Event Organizer
  • Community Night Organizer
  • Convention Travel

All Time Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VII

Twitter Social Media Manager


All Time Favorite Game: Minecraft

Instagram Social Media Manager


All Time Favorite Game: Super Mario Bros. & F.E.A.R.

Community Manager


All Time Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VI

Partner Liaison


All Time Favorite Game: Half Life 2

Events Manager


What Do You Love About Mixer?

How helpful everyone seems to be and how welcoming people are. I love going into streams and just feeling welcomed right off the back and not judged in anyway.  I love being able to meet new people and making new friendships. I'm still new to learning a lot of things with Mixer but I've grown so much over the past year.  

Another thing that I love about the community is that it's helped me overcome parts of my anxiety and other mental health issues. Being able to start stream and knowing there is a community who enjoys my content makes me happy and always puts me in a better mood.  When it comes to gaming and streaming I'm always super engaged in my chat as well as my gameplay. I love being able to play with members of the community. It makes me happy when I can make someone's day just by playing a game with them.  

All Time Favorite Game: Life Is Strange & COD Series

Events Manager


All Time Favorite Game: Super Mario World



  • Mixer Channel: Rinheart
  • 📧 Email:
  • Part Time Streamer
  • 6 Years of YouTube Content Creation
  • Former Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) employee for 4 years
  • Former Trion Worlds (Defiance, 2012) employee
  • Former Molten Games (Blunder Bust, 2013) employee
  • Former High Moon Studios - Activision/Blizzard (Call of Duty, 2014) employee
  • Former NCSoft (Wildstar) employee
  • Misc gaming projects throughout 2015
  • 6 Years Head Moderator Experience
  • 6 Years Discord Admin

All Time Favorite Game : Breath of Fire 3 & Final Fantasy Tactics

Discord Administrator


What Do You Love About Mixer?

How welcoming the community is - and how much they support each other. Even though I have only streamed a few occasions on the platform, it has helped me open up socially and become more interactive. It's significantly helped me overcome any social awkwardness, and lessened my anxieties.

All Time Favorite Game: Halo: Combat Evolved

Open Staff Positions


Interested in becoming a member of staff?

Requirements will vary pending each position, but you will need to be an established and active member of the community to be considered for any role. 

Open positions will be announced and posted on Discord in our #staff-applications channel. Keep an eye out!

If you have any questions on current openings when they become available - please contact Henley directly on Discord.